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Lustre - Phantom Vinyl 12" EP | Multi-Colour

17.11.2023 Art. Nr.: NVP133LP Nordvis
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"“Phantom” was originally released as a part of the limited “Blossom” CD boxset from 2015. At the time, this EP took a darker turn than the preceding releases – instead of majestic and regal ambience, one could say that Nachtzeit went back to the minimalist lo-fi black metal of early works such as “Nightspirit”.

Now presented as a beautiful multi-coloured vinyl edition, limited to 500 copies, 'Phantom' is available on black-purple LP.

The EP – which consists of two tracks, both just over 14 minutes in length – offers a unique listening experience. While both songs are tied together by a similar dreamlike and sombre feeling, each of them provides a full-fledged journey in itself.

As is always the case with Lustre, the music’s key components are slow, heavily textured, and keyboard-laden dirges – driven forward by simplistic and monotonous percussion and occasionally broken up by swarms of guitar distortion. The doomy and droning riffs are repeated at length, but always embedded in an ever-changing soundscape that never gets dull. The keyboards, guitars, and drums often bleed into each other to the extent where it occasionally sounds more ambient than metal."

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