Haunted - Stare At Nothing Vinyl LP | Marble

19.04.2024 Art. Nr.: RIPLP224 Ripple Music
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“The music has concentric shapes, full of pagan symbolism. Circles in the shape of coils envelop you, guitars and basses meander like a thick fog, and with martial tones inquisitors drumming leaves its mark, in the middle there is a willing victim, ready for anything, under the command of an item entrusted to the poems/chants of Cristina Chimirri, which imparts so shamanistic, sometimes ethereal seduction, sometimes with dark and piercing voices. Songs dilated, reverberant, which open paths, secreted, where getting lost is easy and pleasant to feel that pivots under the skin." - Salad Days Mag

LP (graphite gray eco-mix marbled vinyl)

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