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Alora Crucible - Oak Lace Apparition Vinyl 2-LP Gatefold | “Green Appeal” ReVinyl

06.09.2024 Art. Nr.: HOM 034 LP House Of Mythology
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Emerging once more from the endlessly creative genius of Toby Driver, Alora Crucible presents its latest offering, Oak Lace Apparition, brought to you via House of Mythology. This otherworldly creation further elevates the artistic journey begun in 2021 with the stunning Thymiamatascension, which explored space, silence, texture, and the mysterious charm of the night.
This exclusive vinyl release comes as a DLP featuring two 180-gram vinyl discs, encased in a robust 350gsm gatefold sleeve. Each record is protected in black poly-lined disco bags and carefully packaged outside the sleeve to prevent seam splits, all secured within a protective plastic sleeve for optimum preservation.

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