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The Stargazer’s Assistant - Resurgam I, Resurgam II CD

28.09.2018 Art. Nr.: HOM 016 House Of Mythology
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Named after a pair of steam-powered, manned submarines developed in North West England during the late nineteenth century, this fourth album from The Stargazer’s Assistant draws us once more into the depths, where sound conjures space.

Extending the atmospheres developed for their last album – the acclaimed Remoteness of Light(2016) – the trio of David J. Smith (Guapo, Cyclobe), David J. Knight (UnicaZürn) and Michael J. York (Cyclobe, Guapo, Teleplasmiste) reward us once again with a powerful deep listening experience. As its cavernous voids come alive with coursing textures and layers of shimmering melody, Resurgam I, Resurgam II reminds us that even in darkness, we make our own light.

Resurgam I, Resurgam II is produced and mastered by Antti Uusimaki (Panic DHH, Circle, Tindersticks etc.) and The Stargazer’s Assistant.

1. Resurgam I
2. Resurgam II
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