Venom - To Hell and Back MC Box

05.08.2022 Art. Nr.: DSR140 Darkness Shall Rise
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Official 8-tape box with the first 4 full length albums and many other recordings from the period 1979-1986 from the godfathers of Black Metal: VENOM. Housed in a heavy luxurious black leather case-wrapped box with silver hot stamped printing. This box is strictly limited to 1,000 handnumbered copies and includes: Tape 1: Welcome to Hell Tape 2: Black Metal Tape 3: At War with Satan Tape 4: Possessed Tape 5: Eine kleine Nachtmusik Tape 6: Sons of Satan: Rare and Unreleased Tape 7: Black, Metal & Beyond I (Singles and EP’s) Tape 8: Black, Metal & Beyond II (Singles and EP’s) Next to the 8 tapes, the box includes: – massive hardcover-book with many unseen pictures and tons of new liner notes and interviews (an exclusive long interview with Cronos was specially conducted for this box) – pendant with chain – 4 regular patches – shaped backpatch – flag – 6 posters – numbered certificate

8-tape box + book + flag + certificate + 3 patches + shaped backpatch + pendant + 5 posters

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